"Out of the aether, a new locale materializes. It might be in France or Malaysia, Greece or Angola, Mexico or Russia. The trees grow thick overnight. Dense yellow air floods the atmosphere. Light shifts from reality to dream. Someone on the news mentions its existence in passing. There are claims that the sea has evaporated, that the cosmos has returned to earth, that Gaia has turned over in her sleep.

Most places do not begin this way. Something happens to mutate them into what they are now. An anomaly forms and engenders this new reality. The locale is just a forest. But, in the future it might become much more than that. A body no longer in stasis. Its form may mutate and shift. A forest may become a desert, or a desert may become an ocean. What is abstract may become physical, and what is physical may become abstract. It is difficult to say what the limitations of this new world might be."

Bodies Like Meat follows three scientists as they explore a cosmic and visceral place, full of unexplained anomalies and mysterious figures. Play out the endless deaths and decisions of each character as they attempt to explore and understand the secrets hidden within this strange place. 

note: Bodies Like Meat - Downloadable Version does not expand upon the content of the provided copy above, but rather it allows for players to engage with the game offline. 


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